The Roof Crop, in partnership with The Hive Supply, manages 31 hives across the city of Chicago. Together we harvest and bottle honey, which is available for purchase through TRC sales streams, and offer on-site apiary events ranging from farm dinners to rooftop cocktails, all incorporating our raw local honey.

Chicago is home to over 2,000 beehives that collectively pollinate the plants, trees, and flowers in our parks, gardens, and urban farms, as well as producing local honey that improves the health and well-being of thousands of Chicago residents. Simply put, the city would not be as vibrant without bees pollinating millions of plants every year and increasing the biodiversity of our urban environment. This makes the entire urban ecosystem stronger and more resilient to pollution and environmental changes. 

The Hive Supply seeks to embody social missions by providing educational, environmentally conscious and sustainable practices: Good work for people, bees, and our community.

Visit the Hive Supply's website for more information and the Roof Crop’s online apothecary for our products featuring TRC and Hive Supply honey