TRC is a designated Finn's Ranch weekly pick-up location.

Finn's Ranch is a family farm located in Buchanan, Michigan that offers pasture-raised beef, pork, lamb,
turkey, and duck, as well as free-range chicken and duck eggs. And more!
Finn's offers grass-fed, certified pasture-raised beef, and is Certified Animal Welfare Approved by AGW
and Certified Organic by MOSA. Their booths can be found at various farmers' markets across Chicagoland throughout peak season, or you can place an order directly with them for pick-up at TRC.
Home delivery is also an option. Starting with our 2020 season, you'll be able to add TRC products to your
Finn's deliveries and Finn's product to your TRC deliveries. Stay tuned.

Visit Finn's Steak and Eggs Ranch website for more information.